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mazzerin ([personal profile] mazzerin) wrote2010-02-28 05:09 pm
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So it's a friends only journal from now on, not that I write all that much. This is the last public entry, and, well, comment if you want to read and I'll add you. It's mostly RL rants anyway.


Edit: This paranoia is overwhelming. This is the only public post now and it'll stay that way until I grow up.

Edit much later: Haha. Screw this shit, I'm going private until I'm better.
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[personal profile] epithalamium 2010-03-01 10:41 am (UTC)(link)
Paranoia when it comes to online blogging is only healthy. I actually got into a fight when I blogged about my opinion on something that happened in real life even though I F-LOCKED the entry and the person who raised shit was not even one of my friends. Now how did that happen, I ask you?

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That's crazy, ali D: just crazy. besides the how-did-that-even-happen issue, what's wrong with having an opinion? people are mad.

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I've been searching for LJ friends with similar interests (as someone fairly new here). Noise is one of my favourite, and many things Japanese like anime, and ninjutsu. I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend. My friend only posts are usually rants too about, well, mainly past stuff that I should have figured out by now. Life huh!

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Hello! I'm glad to meet you :)

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labrīt šeit viens Roberts.

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Labrīt, man likās, ka jau ar tevi draudzējos, bet laikam kļūdījos un draudzēšos atkal!

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hello you look like a bot